Monday, April 17, 2006

April 17th, 2:30-5:00pm on Monday in the year 2006. Spring has come, and Post celebrates as it sees fit. Indeed. Quite.

1. Dymaxion (x4+3=39:21) Verfremdungeffekt
2. Frank Zappa (Bongo Fury) Carolina Hard Core Ecstasy
3. Charlie Parker & Miles Davis (Charlie Parker & Miles Davis) Scrapple from the Apple
4. Stars (Set Yourself on Fire) Set Yourself on Fire
5. Daylight Basement (Any Kind of Pretty) Crying
6. The Russian Futurists (Our Thickness) 2 Dots on a Map
7. The Advantage (Elf Titled) Megaman II
8. Kevin Devine (Split the Country, Split the Street) You are the Daybreak
9. New Buffalo (The Last Beautiful Day) I've got You and You've got Me.
10. Stephen Yerkey (Metaneonatureboy) Alice Macallister
11. Thurston Moore (Psychic Hearts) Blues from Beyond the Grave
12. King Crimson (Red) One more red Nightmare
13. The Noise Revival (To the Seven Churches in the Province of Asia) Good Job
14. dEUS (Pocket Revolution) Sun Ra
15. Man Man (Six Demon Bag) Banana Ghost
16. Hrvatski (Oiseaux 96-98) Routine Exercise
17. Out Hud (Let us Never Speak of it again) Its for you
18. Jesus and Mary Chain (Psychocandy) Fall
19. Mercury Rev (All is Dream) Lincoln's Eyes
20. The KLF (Chill Out) Wichita Lineman was a Song I once heard
21. Jane Birkin (Best of) La Decadence
22. Blur (13) Coffee and TV
23. Herrman und Kleine (Our Noise) Her Tune
24. Tuxedomoon (Halfmute) What Use?
25. Fridge (Eph) Bad Isch
26. Daft Punk (Homework) Around the World
27. Takako Minekawa and Dymaxion (Maxi On!) Picnic at Loose Rock

Monday, April 03, 2006

Post on Monday, April 3, 2006. 2:30-5:00pm, during the Radiothon. One of my very last shows, as Post possesses only a few more before I will lose the time to do such a quality program. Anyone interested in doing this show, please feel free to comment. Thank you. Post ends in May.

1. Fonica (Ripple) Twang
2. Mellowdrone (Box) Orange Marmalade
3. The New York Ska Ensemble (Get This) Mood Indigo
4. Solex (The Laughing Stock of Indie Rock) The Boxer
5. Money Mark (Mark's Keyboard Repair) Ease
6. Syd Barett (The Madcap Laughs) Terrapin
7. Casiotone for the Painfully Alone (Etiquette ) New Year's Kiss
8. Koozito (Midnight Movie Stills, Volume One) Last Taxi Ride
9. Sam Prekop (Who's Your New Professor?) Density
10. Facing New York (Facing New York) Full Turn
11. The Shins (Oh, Inverted World) New Slang
12. The New Pornographers (Twin Cinema) Star Bodies
13. Flying Saucer Attack (Distance) Soaring High
14. Maximo Park (A Certain Trigger) Limassol
15. New Order (Substance [Disc 1]) Bizarre Love Triangle
16. The Cranberries (No Need to Argue) Ode to my Family
17. Nous Non Plus (Nous Non Plus) Lawnmower Boy
18. Nine Black Alps (Nine Black Alps) Shot Down
19. Nightmares On Wax (In a Space Outta Sound) You Wish
20. Rodan (John Peel Session 1994) Before the Train
21. Sneaker Pimps (Becoming X) 6 Underground (Nellee Hooper Edit)
22. M83 (M83) Night
23. Electrelane (The Power's Out) Love Builds Up
24. Max Richter (Memoryhouse) November
25. Tosca Tango Orchestra (Waking Life Soundtrack) Nocturna